I have a tendency to think too far ahead and not actually live
in the moment. It works to my advantage many times, most notably
in work situations when I’m thinking more than a few steps ahead.
But outside of that, I’ve been trying to be more present in
everyday moments, to not overthink things or look too far ahead.

So my new mantra is “live in the moment.” Because in the past, summer
has been one of those times when I can’t seem to stay present and just
enjoy myself. I’m always thinking, “It’s so warm and the sun is shining
but in just a few months, it’s going to be so cold again and the sun will
disappear for what feels like forever.” (I live in Wisconsin so
I’m allowed a little winter-is-coming wallowing.)

But this year, I will just enjoy the long walks with my dog after work
when it’s still light at 9 PM, savor the sips with my friends on Friday
nights at the Terrace on the lake and take my bike to one of the hundreds
of trails around the Madison area. I will not think about all the things I
have to do or how many miles I did or didn’t run that day.

I will live in the moment whether it’s good or not. Because if it’s good, I
will try to make it last as long as possible. And if it’s not, this too shall pass
(thanks for that one, Mom!). But no matter what, I will stay present and just be.

So when you’re catching your kids (or grandkids) as they come down the
slide or walking down the beach feeling the sand between your toes,
I hope you are living that moment and living it well. I hope you are
enjoying it, and it alone, rather than thinking about what’s next and
what else is on your to-do list. We’ll do it together.


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