Remember that feeling when you were a kid and you had just spent the entire day playing in the pool? You never got tired, you only stopped to eat (and then had to wait 30 minutes to get back in the water because rules were stupid) and you only got cold on your walk (NOT RUN!) from the water to the blanket. But once your mom wrapped you in that big, soft, warm towel that had been sitting in the sun for hours, all was right with the world again.

That’s pretty much what our designers were thinking when they set out to create a beach towel better than all the rest. In 100% cotton with a velour finish, it’s softer, more absorbent and, at 78" long by 39" wide, bigger than any other towel out there. The second you wrap yourself in it, you’ll be transported back to that grassy knoll when life was a little simpler and all you needed was an ice cream sandwich to make this day simply perfect.