Even before we’ve been on the phone for a minute‚ Jeannine Umrigar‚ director of concept and art for Lands’ End‚ has‚ in some way‚ apologized at least three times. Whether it be for her tendency to get off track or her tangential twists and turns in conversation‚ she’s terribly British in that manner. But it’s quite endearing as well. Almost as if she’s forgotten that she’s actually the subject of this article and I’m calling to interview her and hear all of her tangents and off-track comments.

“Don’t let me waffle‚” she intones in her lilting British accent. But Jeannine is doing anything but talking about nothing when she interjects this colloquialism into her answer to my question about her youth and upbringing ? asking her‚ in essence‚ how she became who she is today. There is no waffling about when telling that story.

Born and bred in Lancashire‚ England, about an hour north of Manchester‚ Jeannine was born into a multicultural family on innate travelers‚ “my mother is utterly and extremely English. My dad is Indian‚ of Parsi decent. So I had an almost unfair advantage when it came to experiencing different