cultures. I was born into it.” Her parents were extremely well traveled before having children and it didn’t stop when she and her brother were born. When Jeannine was just a year old‚ the whole family moved to Korea for the next two years ? and her wanderlust was born. “We moved back to the UK when I was three and I did all my schooling in England but the seed was planted and I knew I wanted to learn‚ visit and immerse myself in other cultures.”

“I decided I wanted to do fashion at a very young age. It was the ’80s and I was heavily into the music scene. But that was to be expected where I grew up. Musicians‚ artists and designers all hung out together. I knew I wanted to be part of that world.”

Manchester‚ the closest large city to her small town‚ was and still is considered the UK’s music capital. Perhaps you’ve heard of The Smiths‚ Duran Duran and The Bee Gees? They all have roots in Manchester. And when it comes to the blurred lines of music and fashion‚ few examples are better than The Smiths and Duran Duran. While they may have been considered the epitome of Britpop‚ they were also the essence of ’80s punk fashion. So any 14-year-old girl worth her weight in safety pin earrings knew that music and fashion were practically one and the same

Jeannine’s parents were adamant that she experience the world beyond their small town. “We were a family that traveled and I always had an interest in the rest of the world. I knew even as a child that I was either going to pick up and go see the world or I would stay in that little town forever.”

So she picked up her camera and started documenting everything she saw that inspired her. Specializing in portraiture‚ she has traveled the globe capturing the beauty she sees in children who are still wide eyed‚ seniors who’ve seen it all‚ fishermen whose losses outnumber their catches and everyday people in everyday places. India‚ Thailand‚ Central America… she has seen it all through her lens. “The