best part is seeing how big the world is and how small you are in it. It puts a lot of things into perspective.”

And while she didn’t pursue her photography beyond one exhibit and a constant hobby in her life‚ it has influenced her pursuit of beauty in all she brings to her role as seasonal trend and concept creator for Lands’ End. Her seasonal concepts always start with a location. But it doesn’t stop there. She takes it so much further. It moves into a time and place within that location. She explores the artists of that time period‚ other influences on the decade‚ architecture‚ books‚ movies‚ music and trends that formed cultural references. She builds a story so much bigger than just one idea. “I get emotionally attached to every season. After I have immersed myself so completely into the ideas‚ I feel like they become a part of me. But no season felt as personal as Fall 2015 when it really is a part of me.” The British-born Jeannine has lived in New York for more than half her life and while her accent hasn’t changed‚ she identifies as a New Yorker. “I’m a

Brooklynite whose family‚ neighbors‚ children and friends live this real artisan life. We are the ones who restore our neighborhoods and plant community gardens. We are the real artists and makers of New York. More than any season‚ I spoke as a native. I didn’t speak as a visitor.”

If there’s one thing she’d like her team and everyone influenced by her concepts to take away‚ it’s expanding their horizons‚ knowledge and influences. “I encourage my team to research everything. Watch movies‚ read books‚ go to galleries. There’s a great big world out there that you can’t learn about on the Internet. Travel! Go see what you’ve never seen before. Come back and tell me all about it. Then influence your friends‚ coworkers and loved ones to do the same.”

She has instilled that same sense of exploration and openness in her own children. “We’re the family that travels to Columbia‚ not to Disneyworld. My husband and I aren’t afraid for our boys to see things that aren’t always beautiful. As beautiful as the world can be‚ we see it as it truly is‚ for better or for worse.”

“I’m very lucky in my work that I have this opportunity to do what I truly love. But no one goes to the grave thinking‚ ’I wish I had worked more or spent more time at the office.’ Make sure your work is important‚ that you love what you do and you’re proud of it. But you only get one life so make sure that’s not all you do.”