In addition to her role as Vogue Market Stylist*, Cara Crowley is also the brand representative for special events and videos. While?managing high-profile events for the publication, including Front Row Fashion presented by?Vogue, she?works with her magazine's editors to create the trends you see in her illustrious magazine. When she’s not crafting?seasonal?trend reports and fashion shows, she’s pounding the pavement training for her next marathon or baking up a storm for her next dinner party.

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Ralph Waldo Emerson once wrote, “life is a journey, not a destination.” Truer words were never spoken. Neither city nor sea is as important as the wanderlust that drives us to explore. Yet each is as magnificent as the next. The colors of the earth and sky drive this collection, taking us from the brown land with green grass to the blue sky with the more muted yellow sun of fall. The world we see as we traverse from sea to city inspires us this, and every, season.

There’s something almost mystical about the land before it flows into the sea. The blue that’s so crisp it’s almost white and the reflection on the water of the sky above… those are what you remember even after you leave. You can almost imagine longshoremen of years past rigging main sails and battening down hatches right where you’re standing. The collection takes inspiration from these organic influences, marrying our nautical heritage with modern day designs.

Walking through the woods is an ethereal experience in and of itself. The sunlight, though at times dim, streams through the branches of trees older than our oldest ancestors. The ground is littered with rocks smoothed by the elements over time and moss so soft it cushions your every step. The unexpected colors and textures of nature bewitched this collection: purples, blacks and greys in textures subtle and overt.